Cutting-edge solutions
tailored to each client


What do we do

We design and manufacture accessories that are compatible with the most common implant systems on the market. We are characterised by our:

Close collaboration with customers: proactivity, active listening, accessibility and transparency.

Advanced technology and research: resources that guarantee superior standards of quality and functionality.

Engineering skills: agility in response, flexibility and improved design.

Our organisation and internal culture: a young, cohesive team that is constantly learning and has a passion for new challenges.

 For whom

Our target audience are companies that provide materials to professionals in the medical sector, primarily the dental sector, focused on entering the OTS sector (Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery).

We are mainly aimed at companies that have their own product but are not involved in manufacturing them, companies with their own product and which also have a large volume of manufacturing, and other contract manufacturers.

What makes us different

Our transparency and working together with the customer to improve design and speed of response.

Keeping on top of new products on the market and having the capacity to adapt to market demands.

Guaranteed reliability thanks to our manufacturing processes and the use of latest-generation Swiss machinery.

Our determination to be a benchmark in our geographic area.

Our values as a company: Technological, Innovative, Ambitious, Accessible, Imaginative, Visionary, Solid.

Case study

Experience in co-designing and manufacturing prototypes with an international player in the dental sector. We achieved our goal to design and industrialise a complete catalogue of products in less than three years, whilst providing the highest standards of quality and precision.


Pol. Ind. Galartza, 11. 48277 Etxebarria (Bizkaia)
0034 946 650 029